Decacum with Porn [HD]


17m 37s ------- I was so, so, so fucking horny. I sat down in my chair with just my purple panties on and clicked away to my favorite porn. I tallied up how many times I came, just because I was curious. I flipped through my favorite porno, and then I moved on over to PornHub and went through a couple gangbang videos, and a few bbc videos too. I had a little bit of commentary here or there, and after a cum, sometimes I kept going and sometimes I watched for a little bit until I was ready to go again. ;) Although I do glance at the camera a few times, and I show you my cum-count afterwards, most of the video should have a voyeuristic feel. ;) ------- Please send me a 1 token tip with your e-mail in the note after you purchase this video so I can send you a downloadable HD link

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